Starting New

quilt square

New beginnings are always fun.

Although I’ve been blogging from time to time at Blogspot, this new WordPress site gives me a clean canvas to start anew. A lovely place to share my projects.

And there is lots to share.

To kick it off I’ve got an update and a new quilt project to share.

I started this Pineapple quilt square many months ago. Though it is slow going, I have made some progress since then. Here is my update.pineapple-quilt-progress

These are all scraps I’ve collected from my existing fabric stash.

Even though this quilt may take awhile, I did finish a quilt for my daughter and new son-in-law. It also used some scraps, but the applique made it a quilt with lots of personality.  It was super fun to make and

my aunt in Idaho let me come up and quilt it on her longarm. But finishing it only made me want to do more.

More quilts. So hopefully, I will be showing you some new progress on the pineapple quilt soon.

In the meantime, I have other projects I’ve been working on. I’ll share them soon.


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